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🙂This is Shadow. He is in the first book and he was my dog.  I found him in a rescue home in 2006.  I had been looking for a dog for three months, when I was about to walk into this pound. This lady saw me and asked if I was looking for a dog and I responded yes for a while. She said she rescued animals and she had one at her home. She said he was a wonderful Shepherd Chow mix and she had chow at home as well. She explained that they bark alot together, and she was looking for a home for Shadow. I asked if he liked cats because i had one and she told me to follow her to her home, and see for myself. I followed her to her home and sure enough, there was Shadow the most beautiful black German Shepherd and you would never know he had chow in him!  She opened the gate and he followed her inside and there were three cats that he walked right past.  Then we went back outside and I sat down and he came right over to sit down next to me! I  fell in love! This was my dog now! The lady gave me his leash and his shot records and the rest of the story is simple!  He hopped in my car and went home with me.

He was 1 1/2 years old at the time, and he was the most loyal dog I could ever have. I loved him so very much. We would go for walks  together. He was sweet and mellow with most people greeting them at the door. There were only two occasions that I remember that he turned from a wonderful sweet, loving dog to a very mean watchdog!  These men may have triggered something in him or he might have smelled drugs but whatever the case he was protective!  

Well in November of 2014, he suffered a stroke and was unable to walk or move but only his head.  I had to put him down and to this day I will sincerely miss him. He was my wonderful loyal to the end doggie!😥