A Trip to the Jersey Shore Book 6 in the Ringo Adventure Series Published October, 2015

Ringo and the gang have heard Janet and Jerry will be going on vacation in the summer to the Jersey Shore. What is the shore like? Well, Ringo wants to find out. A new adventure begins with Ringo, Norbert and Tahoe visiting the seashore. Before they realize it, Ringo manages to get kidnapped. Kidnapped? How? Why? Come along and enjoy this trip and find out how Norbert and Tahoe come to Ringo's rescue.

Puppy Love is on Amazon.com

Puppy Love Book 5 in the Ringo Adventure Series Publlshed August, 2015

Ringo and Norbert fall in love with an adorable gal named Cocoa Bean.  She is so cute, they cannot resist. But is it fair that they both fall in love with the same gal?  Well, they decide to go see the gang and talk to Cookie the oldest and wisest of them all. She gives them advice.  Find out what happens in the surprise ending.🙂❤

Norbert Steals the Show Book 4 Published in June, 2015

 Norbert hears about the circus from Janet and Jerry and asks Ringo about it.  The gang decide to go see the circus for themselves.  Then Norbert gets curious and finds himself somehow in the center of the ring!  Wow, find out what happens after that!  You will be laughing and laughing!🙂❤

Ringo and the Gang in a Magical Adventure - Published March, 2015

Ringo and the Gang in a Magical Adventure Book 3 Published April,2015

In this book, Ringo picks up two more pals, Cookie and Norbert from the 2nd book and they join him at Jerry and Janet and Dad's home. They are the new pets.  They also can talk.  When the gang, Ringo, Tahoe, Cookie, Cupcake and Norbert go to the park to visit the other animals and the kids they get a huge surprise!  Fairies!  Wow, wait until you read this book!  You will find out how the gang becomes magical and what they do with their magic!  You will find all my books on Amazon.com

Ringo's Big Idea Book 2- Published March 2015

Ringo's Big Idea Book 2 Published March, 2015

🙂Tahoe in Book one, feels sorry for the animals in the

pound.Ringo has an idea on how he can free those animals and

wants to surprise Tahoe. So he and Cookie set out with his

plan! Will Ringo be successful in freeing the animals?  

Read the book and find out!😀

Ringo's Big Idea

This is my video on Ringo's Big Idea! I am reading it to you!

Ringo Takes the Lead is my First Book published February 2015

Ringo Takes the Lead- Book 1- February, 2015

"Tahoe is missing. He chased a rabbit through a hole in the fence and now he can’t find his way home. Ringo, a cute, talking Chihuahua and Tahoe’s best friend, must find him before their owners Jerry and Janet realize they’re gone. As Ringo sets off on his adventure he meets other talking animals who are more than willing to help. But a furious storm may prevent the two from ever seeing their home again. 

 This most unusual Chihuahua who will worm his way right into your heart as will the others in my other books!

Kind regards

Linda Ann Casey Smock